Faith – Why You Need It

As Christians, we all know far too well how many times in our lives things just might not go quite according to our plans. It’s just a fact of life. But, that’s definitely not the time when we should lose faith. That’s when we need to believe and have faith even more than ever.

Often people ask the burning question “What is faith and why is it so important in our lives?” Well, simply put faith is a strong belief in what you can’t see as opposed to a belief in what you can see. It’s easy to believe in the tangible things of the everyday world that are right in front of us and undeniably true. But, when we have true faith, we believe just as strongly in the unseen.

At its very core, faith is a deep-rooted expectation that good things are really coming our way. It’s a feeling that goes far beyond hope because hope lives in our minds while faith resides in our hearts and our spirits. And, although life can be sometimes difficult even in the best of times, faith is the pure knowledge that comes from deep down inside of our beings and tells us that everything will be getting better. And, to put it as simply as possible, life would stop having any reason or meaning without faith.

So, that being said, here are a few more reasons why we all need faith in our lives. Let’s face it, We wouldn’t be able to drive around in our cars if we didn’t have faith that someone isn’t going to just crash into our vehicle. And, without faith, how could we possibly take that leap of faith by flying in airplanes at many thousands of feet up in the air? In addition, without faith, we couldn’t possibly go about getting from one moment to the next without having to second-guess every single thing that we are doing.
And, last but not least, Without faith in our lives, we could never have any expectation that everything would end up turning out all right for us in spite of any situation.

To put it quite simply, we cannot ever underestimate how important faith can be in our lives. When it comes right down to it, it is just as important to us as the air that we breathe. Even though the oxygen in that air is responsible for nourishing our human bodies, faith nourishes our hearts and our souls. It is, in fact, the energy that is coursing through every cell and fiber within us. In addition, it’s a part of each muscle and every single thought that we have. It is also the basic foundation of our very existence here on earth.

We believe that some people have been able to move mountains with just their faith. And, sometimes when a situation seems to be the bleakest, it’s our faith that carries us through and helps us ultimately to survive no matter what. And, although there really is little or maybe even no valid explanation for this phenomenon within our purely physical realm; it is clearly the metaphysical fiber that is successful at binding us all together as one and carrying all of our deepest desires, prayers, and wishes to our Higher Power. In our hearts and souls, as well as in Heaven, that is where faith lives.

So, the next time that you feel helpless and without hope, remember that faith heals, faith breeds amazing abundance, and faith can actually help you with finding your true purpose in life.