Benefits of Church: Relationships With Ourselves & God

Our lives today are busier than ever. Monday through Friday you rush off to work and then home to get dinner ready for your family. Nights are filled with homework, sports practices and dance classes. Saturdays are spent running errands, watching your kids in sports or participating in an activity of your own. By the time Sunday morning rolls around, you are tired and you just want to sleep in or relax on the sofa watching old movies or shows you missed during the week. Regular attendance at church is not as common as it was in the past and, even if you consider yourself spiritual, you may push church service down on the list of priorities. The fact is, attendance at church provides many benefits, both in our relationships with others, our relationship with ourselves and our relationship with God.

Time to Unwind and Unplug

Of course, you attend church to learn more about the word of God and to hear the message in the sermon so that you can strengthen our own relationship with God. But church also gives you a time to relax, unwind and meditate on what God provides for us. Children who are bombarded by technology spend a few hours learning morals, standards and spirituality. It gives them a chance to grow closer to God and develop the foundation they need to live spiritual lives as adults.

Grow Stronger

For many, spirituality is something they can feel in nature or with quiet meditation at home. Although you can feel close to God outside of a church, there is more to a church service than talking to God. Singing hymns allows you to feel as if you are singing the praises of the Lord. Partaking in Communion or sacrament services reminds us of the sacrifices God made when he gave His only Son that we may be forgiven for our sins. Worship uplifts us and makes us stronger for the obstacles we may face during the rest of the week. Attending church as a family creates a strong bond between parents and children as well.

Relationships with Others

Regular church attendance builds a network of support that can sustain you when you are challenged. The fellowship of a church congregation is like no other, providing encouragement and love that can be very rewarding and enriching. Church members may provide meals when you are ill or are facing a crisis in your life. They may offer us a shoulder to cry on or support during a difficult time. Children also benefit from fellowship in the church through memberships in youth groups or student ministries. Your children are able to connect with other young people who have the same morals, standards and values that you and your family have. They will also know they have a network of adults they can reach out to should they ever need support or encouragement. It is not unusual to feel as if your church congregation is part of your family and you will be inspired to give back to that family yourself.

Closer to God

There is no question that the main reason to attend church service is to build a better relationship with God. It is at church that we hear the words in the Bible that give us strength, hope and faith that He is with us always. We gain a better understanding His commandments and their purpose in living a faithful life. We also learn that we commit sins but that we obtain forgiveness for those sins through God’s love. When we are at church, we feel closer to God and this improves our outlook on life.

Matthew 18:20 reads “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Church is a place to gather, give glory to God and create relationships based in the same values that you have for yourself. Regular attendance at church can bring you and your family peace as well as a sense of spirituality you cannot get anywhere else.