Why You Should Stick to His Plan

There is no question that the path of life has may twists and turns. There are even forks in that path where you can choose to go one way or another. It is sometimes easy to stray from the path and stroll through the flowers rather than the clear way we need to head. The fact is that we each have a life plan and we may sometimes feel we are following a plan created by everyone but ourselves. However, there is one plan that truly matters and that is the one He set for you.

Before You Were Born

God’s plan for you was created even before you were born. He didn’t choose your plan as an afterthought. He recorded it before you ever breathed or before you had one experience in the world. God’s plan is different than one made by humans as it not only uses your strengths but also your weaknesses. Once you realize that God’s plan is one that was created before we could even think, you can stop fighting against it. It is easier to identify where you are strong and where you may be weak. The best thing about your plan is it that God created just for you. This means your plan is customized just for you.

Roadblocks Make You Stronger

Too often, we consider the obstacles we encounter as God’s way of defeating us, as if he sat down one day and created a life plan filled with pain, suffering and defeat. That contradicts how we view God in the Christian faith. We consider him a loving Father who wants His children to succeed. The fact is that whatever God planned for you, He gives you the power to achieve that plan. We only succeed when we saturate our life with His truth. Spending time with God shows you your gifts, passions, abilities and more. However, you can’t see those attributes unless you stop thinking of God as blocking your way and look at Him as the One who gave you the skills to overcome.

Be Patient

As humans, we tend to be impatient when our plan does not seem to be working as we believe it should. You may have found yourself saying “When is this going to happen, God?” If you are not joyful and at peace as you work your plan, you are not trusting God to guide you. If you are constantly tired and feel weak, you are not following His plan for you. Impatience, frustration and disappointment are detrimental to your faith. Sometimes, you truly do need to “let go and let God,” in order to see where His plan is taking you. Some questions about the plan He has for you may never be answered, but as long as you trust in Him, you will continue to follow the path you are meant to follow.

It is Your Plan

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says “To everything there is a season, and a time for every matter or purpose under heaven.” What you may not understand is that we are not all in the same season of our plan at the same time. You may be in the planting season of your plan where the fruit has not yet begun to sprout while your neighbor may be in the harvest season of his plan where his bounty is plentiful. There is no need to be envious of your neighbor as they also had to go through the planting season. By following God’s plan for you, the seeds are planted properly so that they grow into a bountiful harvest.

It is easy to believe that we can travel the path of life without guidance. The fact is that God created this plan for you before you were ever born. He knew you before you knew yourself. For that reason, He created a plan that was unique to you and gave you the strengths, along with the weaknesses, you would need to bring that plan to life.