How to Keep Your 2018 Resolutions

2018 is almost upon us. The coming of a new year brings the promise of great things and opportunities to evidence our love for the Creator. Faith Church of Sherman encourages you to pray about your New Year’s resolutions and consider goals that honor your faith. Here are some suggestions to help you keep your resolutions.

Seek God’s Guidance

Making plans is a wonderful thing. It helps to keep us focused on our goals. What you must remember, however, is that God also has plans for you. Your plans should not oppose His.

Prayer and the Bible are your best sources of confirmation that the plans you have made are in accordance with God’s will. Remember, though, that some resolutions are always in harmony with the divine blueprint. Eating healthier and losing weight affirm your belief that the body is a temple. Volunteering more in your church speaks of your commitment to help those less fortunate. Resolutions like these will surely meet God’s approval.

Beware of Pride

The Bible tells us that pride can lead to a great downfall. There are times when the goals we set are motivated by the wrong emotions and desires. You should ask yourself why you want to accomplish certain resolutions.

Do you want to get that promotion at work because of the status it will confer? Wouldn’t it be better to want to advance because the additional pay and benefits will help you to be a better provider? Let love and compassion for others factor into your New Year’s resolutions and stay away from purely selfish goals.

Don’t Aim Too High

There is nothing wrong with shooting for the stars. Having lofty aspirations can compel us to do our best in life. You also need to have some modest resolutions. Keeping some of your resolutions simple will help motivate you when they are easily accomplished.

The great Temple of Solomon took years to complete. It began with the placement of a single cornerstone. Give careful thought to small goals that bring you closer to a major achievement. For example, you might have a large goal of losing thirty pounds. A smaller goal could be to take a walk three times a week. Accomplishing the small goal contributes to realizing the big one.

Faith Church of Sherman wants to wish you a prosperous 2018. May God richly bless your resolutions to better yourself.
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