Why 2018 is Your Year

With 2018 quickly approaching, this is the perfect time to leave 2017 behind and start over with a new year. If 2017 was amazing in terms of personal growth and satisfaction, here are a few tips on how to make 2018 your year.

You Will Love More

Life was not created by God to be spent on hatred, disdain, or apathy. Life is delicate, precious, and fleeting. 2018 will be your year to love more. If you love someone, tell them. Don’t wait for the right time or place to say it. You never know when someone will be called home by the Lord, leaving you with so many things unspoken. Enter the new year with a passionate determination to give love to all those who cross your path.

You Will Volunteer For Good Causes

It is an undeniable truth that when we do good, we feel good. Our hearts, filled with the love of Christ, know the truth and try to let us know when we are doing His work. 2018 will be your year to dedicate small portions of your time to volunteer groups or organizations that help to rebuild and heal our communities. Even if you can only volunteer for one weekend a month, you will be performing an invaluable service to those who are in greatest need. To find groups and organizations that are looking for volunteers, consider visiting your local church, such as the Faith Church of Sherman, to inquire about current groups or causes advertising for volunteers. Churches and other places of worship are usually the first places in which organizations will advertise for their volunteer opportunities.

You Will Make Time For Family

A family is the most precious gift that you are given at birth. While you do create an extended family throughout your life that consists of close friends, mentors, and role models, your blood relatives will be by your side through your triumphs and through your failures. It is an undeniable eventuality that as you grow older with more responsibilities, phone calls and visits to your family members become few and far between. 2018 will be your year to reconnect with your estranged family members. Make an effort to learn of the blessings and challenges that face your family members so that you can help them in any way possible.

You Will Play More

While hard work and dedication are the cornerstones of a successful and fulfilling life, it does the mind and soul a lot of good to put aside time for play and leisure. This in no way suggests that you sacrifice your ambition or your success. Leisure time allows your mind and body to relax, relieve stress, and recharge your spiritual batteries so that you can continue the forward trajectory of your life and career.

You Will Practice Forgiveness

It’s natural to hold onto anger towards someone who has wronged or hurt you. While the emotions you carry are an understandable reaction to your situation, they are not healthy. Holding onto anger and resentment can cause undue stress to your body and your mind which can lead to serious medical conditions later in your life. 2018 will be your year to learn how to forgive people for what they say and do. Not for their benefit but for your own benefit.

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