5 Tips For Tweaking Your Health 

While you may already have a healthy lifestyle, there are additional ways to improve your well-being. If you want to tweak your health, then use these five tips.

Tweak Tip 1: Ride a Bicycle To Work or School

If you are riding a bus or driving a vehicle to go to school or work, then begin to walk to these locations. In the past, adults had to walk to many locations, helping them to burn calories and maintain muscle strength. When it is impossible to walk to other locations, park your vehicle far from the door of a store or post office. If you use public transportation, then get off the bus at an earlier stop so that you will walk for a few blocks. By adding additional walking steps to your day, you will notice a difference in the way that your body feels within a few weeks.

Tweak Tip 2: Have an Air Purifier In Your Home

You must breathe to live, but you might be breathing in harmful pollutants that cause allergic reactions or long-term illnesses. If you want to improve your well-being, then clean the air in your home by using an air purifier. You can install an air purification system on your home’s climate-control equipment, or you can use portable devices that you move from one room to another. Make sure to use air purification equipment that has a high-efficiency particulate absorber filter to capture the tiniest particles of contamination.

Tweak Tip 3: Give Up Soft Drinks

If you have a soft drink habit, then you should give up this beverage to lose weight and improve your health. Soft drinks contain a lot of sugar and artificial ingredients such as dyes, preservatives and flavors. While drinking diet soft drinks can help you avoid sugar, these beverages often contain more chemicals than regular soft drinks. When you want to stop drinking soft drinks, you may have intense cravings, so you can reduce your cravings by having citrus juices, tea or coffee instead. Make sure to drink coffee, tea or citrus juices that don’t contain added sugar.

Tweak Tip 4: Take Care Of Your Feet

You might take your feet for granted until you wake up with a heel spur or plantar fasciitis. These health problems are common in athletes or older adults who have wear and tear in the bones, tendons and muscles of their feet. You can avoid these medical issues by caring for your feet on a daily basis. First, you should have high-quality footwear that supports your feet. In addition, you must avoid wearing high heels or flimsy sandals all of the time. You can also use customized or over-the-counter orthotics in your shoes to prevent an assortment of foot problems. Some of the items that you can insert in your shoes include heel cups or arch supports.

Tweak Tip 5: Regulate Your Body’s Circadian Rhythms

If you are having problems sleeping at night, then you need to regulate your body’s circadian rhythms. You can do this by going to bed at the same time each night and waking up at the same time each morning. An important way to tweak your sleeping habits is by removing the lights from your bedroom while you are sleeping. You should turn off the television and your computer, but you should also turn your smartphone over so that its lighted screen isn’t glowing. It is also important to hang heavy draperies or room-darkening blinds over the windows in your bedroom.

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